Planets Quiz

Planets Quiz

1) Which is the largest planet in the solar system ?
a) the sun
b) the earth
c) Jupiter

2) Which is the closest planet to the sun ?
a) Pluto
b) Mercury
c) Venus

3) Which is the farthest planet from the sun ?
a) Pluto
b) Mars
c) Uranus

4) How many moons Saturn has ?
a) at least 30
b) one
c) none

5) Which planet is referred to as the Red Planet ?
a) Venus
b) Mars
c) Uranus

6) The orbits of the planets are ?
a) circular
b) elliptic
c) any shape

7) Why would it be foolish to send astronauts to land on Jupiter ?
a) It has no solid surface for them to land on.
b) Its clouds are so hot that any spacecraft getting near it would burn up.
c) Its gravitational attraction is so weak that they would float off.

8) The low average densities of Jupiter and Saturn compared with the Earth suggests ?
a) they are hollow.
b) their gravitational attraction has compressed their cores into a rare form of iron.
c) they contain large quantities of light elements, such as hydrogen and helium

9) Planet are part of ?
a) Solar System
b) Galaxy
c) Earth